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FlexColorPicker is a highly customizable color picker package for Flutter. The color picker can show six different types of pickers, three of which are used for the standard Flutter Material colors and their shades. The size and style used for the pick items can be customized.

The FlexColorPicker is available as a published Flutter package on pub.dev.

ColorPicker screens

A web demo that shows the features of the color picker can be tried here.

Web demo

The source code for this web FlexColorPicker demo app is bundled with the published package on pub.dev

The above demo shows the web version, but it works very well on mobile devices and Flutter desktop builds too. One feature of the FlexColorPicker package is that it can be configured in many ways to provide just the right amount of color picking features you need, with a style that fits your application.

FlexColorPicker works on all Flutter platforms, Android, iOS, Web, Windows, macOS and Linux. Here is an example of the package bundled simple demo application running as a Windows desktop application.

Windows demo

On desktop and Web it has keyboard control navigation and platform adaptive COPY-PASTE keyboard shortcuts, for copying and pasting the color code from and to the color picker.

Page updated 10.4.2021