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Responsive Grids in Flutter

This is a Flutter responsive web grid demo and test. I made it with a very early version of Flutter for Web. The current published build is made with a much older version of Flutter than recent ones. I should really refresh the build and update the demo a bit too, but it still works and serves it purposes as it is too.

The demo also includes an early Web layout test I made with Romain Rastel’s popular Flutter Staggered Grid View package.

You can try this example here. The source code for this early Flutter web demo is available in my resp_stag_grid GitHub repository.

Staggered grid 1

The key feature of this small demo is the responsive grid using the Material breakpoint system, demoed with the standard Flutter GridView, and the masonry style StaggeredGridView layout.

Staggered grid 2

A keen observer can see that StaggeredGridView package has a bug that can be seen in this demo when only resizing the browser window horizontally. I need to make a simpler demo case for the bug demo and report it, if it has not been reported and fixed already in the latest version here.

You can observe the issue more clearly in this GIF animation:

Staggered grid issue gif

Update 27.10.2020: I found a recent report in the staggered grid view package GitHub repo about the width horizontal resizing issue here and added my comment to it.

Page updated 20.12.2020